St Petersburg Condo Rentals - Waterside Coquina Key

Pictures of the views from the condos
Waterside at Coquina Key

All the apartments and condos enjoy waterfront views of Tampa Bay, the Big Bayou on the North Village, the Little Bayou on the South Village, canals or lakes. In addition, many condos have boating facilities for rent with direct access to the gulf of Tampa Bay just yards away.
Click on some images for larger image.
View from North Village Condo - click for full size image
View from a North Village condo looking out across the Big Bayou over to St Petersburg
View of Tampa Bay, South Village Building 19 View of Tampa Bay, South Village Building 19
South Village apartment views looking across Tampa Bay
Looking over to the North Village - Click for larger image Looking out to open access to Tampa Bay - Click for larger image Seawall on North Village - Click for larger image
North Village, looking across Big Bayou to the condos, from the condo to the direct access to Tampa Bay, and along the new sea wall.
Small Bayou in South Village Canal View in South Village
South Village, across Little Bayou, out to Tampa Bay and along the small canal.
Canal view in South Village Seawall in South Village
South Village apartments looking along the canal, out to Tampa Bay and view of Bird Island.
North Village Bayou, South Village Tampa Bay, North Village bayou

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